Why we are the Industry Leaders!

Envelope Architecture & Consulting is a full-service Architecture and Consulting firm that specializes in Building Envelope Design, investigations and assessments of historic and contemporary buildings.  ENVELOPE is also an accredited Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider. While much of our work is focused on investigation, diagnosing and preparing solutions for existing buildings with problems, we also offer our clients support for new construction. If you are preparing to design a new project or just trying to maintain your existing building but having trouble, ENVELOPE can help.  

ENVELOPE is an Architecture firm, we help our clients with renovations and new construction but we also help people identify and fix chronic building issues. We are also consultants who specialize in the building envelope science. Many buildings suffer from deferred maintenance and chronic problems. ENVELOPE has the experience and expertise to assist you in diagnosing issues and solve them for good. We offer both home owners and large commercial property owners the professional service all your needs.  


ENVELOPE is a professional services company owned and operated by a Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Licensed Architect with over 20 years of experience.  We are fully insured and have the knowledge and experience to service our clients EXCEPTIONALLY . 

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