Professional Consulting Services

Building Envelope Investigation

Building Assessment and Reports

What condition is your building in? We can help you find out with an assessment that represents your individual needs and the type of report that best suites you.   An assessment can be for one portion of your building or the entire thing.  We offer our clients the choice of investigative and forensic services that best meet their needs. 

Building Enclosure Commissioning


Building Enclosure Commissioning BECx  is the process of quality control and verification during the construction process.   There is so much to this part of our industry we have a separate section for you to lean more.

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Architecture and design

Exterior Design Packages

ENVELOPE is owned and operated by a Maine NH and Mass Licensed Architect.  We offer other design professionals complete design services for their buildings.  Our services are catered to your needs.  We offer services in Autocad and Revit.

Remedial drawings, details, Building Envelope Specialits

Remediation and Repair Documents and Details

The investigation and reporting is done and its time to fix your building's issues.  ENVELOPE offers solutions and the documents to do so.  

We believe you cant understand and fix building issues if you don't design buildings.  Its really that simple. 


Litigation Support

We offer litigation support for Attorneys and their clients in a number of ways.  Our education, Professional Licensing,  20+ years in the Architecture - Construction industry and our specialized knowledge of building and building assemblies give us the unique credentials needed to work with you through your case.

What you need isn't listed above? Just have a question or want to chat?

 We are always happy to offer some help where we can.  Feel free to email or call us. 

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