Building Investigations


Roof Investigations

Starting at the top, ENVELOPE offers a wide range of services to help property owners deal with roof leaks.  We also offer our clients roof condition assessment services and replacement packages. 


Building Envelope Investigations

Whether its a leak or some other type of  damage to the facade we can help you locate the source of the problem and and fix it for good.  As with all our services we offer conditions assessment services and assistance with replacement.


Window Investigations

You might have a window leak or condensation or maybe drafts or even frost on the sill.  Regardless the issue, we can help you find the problem and fix it for good. We also offer window replacement packages for all buildings. 


Masonry Investigations and Restoration

Masonry issues can be particularly frustrating for owners.  Finding the cause of masonry issues is not easy.  Often masonry joints are cleaned up and repointed but the problem keeps coming back or the leak persists.  ENVELOPE can help. 


Foundations and Other Issues

Concrete, Concrete masonry unit, stone, brick, foundations come in many shapes and sizes and they can all leak in some way or another.  ENVELOPE can help with your foundation or sub-soil investigation and solve you problem for good. 

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