What People are Saying


Condominium Associations

"Brookside Condominium Association engaged you in August 2018. We needed expertise and guidance as we considered how best to renew the envelopes on our 15 buildings (48 units). We considered four other firms. From your proposal we decided you offered the best combination of knowledge, experience, availability, and cost. 

Our decision was absolutely correct. Your technical work, including testing, creating elevations, and obtaining detailed cost estimates, was exactly what we needed. You were on time and on budget. 

Even more important, in our judgement, was your guidance and counsel to the Planning Committee. It was a group diverse in experience, values, and opinions. We set out with one project in mind. You helped the group develop two more, so that we could present a set of projects that offered our Association clear choices about the value of improvements vs. costs. As a professional you did not try to tip the balance of opinion in favor of one opinion or another. Instead, your calm demeanor and voice helped us sort through the values and costs of each plan we considered without the rancor that might have held us back. You attended meetings week after week without complaint. 

The final decision was not what our Committee originally envisioned. But it was a decision made by a large majority of owners who had all the information they needed to reach their conclusion. All of us consider that a victory. If we had the equivalent of the Stanley Cup, your name would be one of those engraved on it."

William Richards - BCA - Yarmouth, ME

Historic Building Restoration - Portland, Me

"David's impressive depth of knowledge and experience was always apparent ~ whether dealing with large challenges or in his meticulous attention to the smallest of details.  His working relationships with craftsmen and others in the building trade are impressive. He made sure all contractors on the site were up-to-speed with our numerous (and unique) building circumstances and was always available to me, in person or electronically, for questions or concerns. " 

Barbara Martin, The Episcopal Diocese of Maine   

Industry Professionals

 "With our emphasis on envelope integrity, we look to EAC to assist us in different ways depending on the project needs.  From joining the design team to performing peer review mock-up inspections during construction, EAC has been an important advisor for our teams. "

Stuart Meurer - President , Windover Construction

"David has earned the respect of many across the state of Maine. His in depth knowledge of architecture and building performance gives him the ability to assist property owners with any architectural needs they may have"

Heather McNally, Co- Owner of Safe Harbor Inspection Services and Certified Code Officer

“I would recommend David Douglass to anyone! During the build out of my new insurance agency we needed an architect to help us create plans and drawings. In order to stay on track with our grand opening we needed this accomplished quickly. David was able to manipulate his busy schedule and be on site the very next morning. Once I had the drawings I assumed David’s work was completed but I was wrong. He continued to work with the city and myself until everything was approved and permits could be pulled. I can’t thank him enough for his work. He is a true problem solver and professional!”

Nicholas Jobin - State Farm Insurance

Design Professionals

" As a busy practicing architect trying to keep up on the latest envelope technology then relying on in house staff to properly detail our buildings is always challenging . Having David Douglass on our team advising and detailing exterior envelope systems keeps us on schedule and out of potential liability issues with a leaking building . I find the investment in hiring David to be cost effective, yielding a better building with the latest technology . A very sound investment for any architectural firm."

David Lloyd - Archetype PA, Maine licensed Architect 

"RWH Architect had the pleasure of working with Mr. Douglass recently. We utilized David as a subject matter expert for a complicated building forensics investigation. His expertise was invaluable in determining the cause of the issue and improved the quality of our report to the building owner. David brings a unique value to the table as his experience as a talented architect also warrants logical and attractive detailing solutions. His knowledge encompasses many construction types. I recommend David without hesitation."

Robert W. Hannon, AIA, Principal at Robert William Hannon Architect PLLC

Developers and Property Owners

"...This building had been experiencing tricky leaks that our roofer and architect could not resolve, after many attempts. Dave analyzed a complex situation involving different building assemblies and a hidden leak source, designed a cost‐effective retrofit, and oversaw the remediation work. The work was completed in summer 2018; since then, we have had a very rainy and windy few months with no sign of returning leaks. We appreciate his professionalism and expertise. "

Andy Jackson, Property Manager, The Szanton Company

Home Renovation - Yarmouth, Me

"David is more than just a creative and talented architect, he has unique knowledge and practical sensibilities that enabled us to navigate a slew of complex fire issues and the permitting process in Portland. Our second project here in Yarmouth was a hybrid mixed use property. He did our drawings, referred us to a talented structural engineer and devised an elegant solution to a difficult problem."
Kate Carey & Charlie Hewitt Yarmouth ME.